Monday, May 31, 2010

4 nights, 4 mornings, and 3 full days!

thats how long i am going to have to be without my lovey. i will have to fall asleep without him (which i still cannot do... for some reason i cannot fall asleep until he is in bed with me) 4 times... i will have to wake up and not see him next to me 4 times... and i will go 3 whole days without seeing him. i know this may sound dumb to most people who have their spouse or significant other constantly traveling and spending weeks at a time apart but for us it is different. we spent 2 and a half years living in different cities. i would see him once a month if i got lucky. so now that we are married and have spent every night, every morning, and see each other throughout the day (the law school was across the street from the preschool i work at), these next few days are going to be so hard!

BUT... i need to put all of my energy and positive thoughts into this week back in miami... it's time to find a job! i plan on spending most of the day driving around finding preschools and dropping off my resume. i have an interview on thursday but it is a meet&greet and there are no jobs in that school. other than that i have nothing... wish me luck!!

ps. happy memorial day :)


  1. I know exactly how you feel! I hate being away from my husband :( Best of luck to you as you look for a job. I know just how difficult it is to find teaching jobs these days. I'm always really picky about the schools I apply for so that doesn't help me at all I guess!!

  2. Ugh.. I know! I think that's why I'm having such a hard time.. I only want to work in certain areas and I want to teach preschool but not at a daycare! Haha I am super picky!