Sunday, May 30, 2010

puppy=stress... and other stuff too.

wow i never thought max would bring this much stress into our lives.. i am starting to think that my coworker was right when she told me that babies are easier than dogs. i work with babies (well toddlers, 2 year olds to be exact) and they are soooo much easier than max. He has this thing now that he barks at us for everything. lovey wants to buy a bark collar but i think that is so mean... we are starting a new training routine so hopefully it will work... we'll see!

lovey is now studying for the bar exam so he is under so much stress. how does he relieve his stress? VIDEO GAMES! it usually doesn't bother me but the little breaks he takes is to play games and then it's back to studying... i miss my husband! i can't wait to have him back at the end of july... i am so ready for all of this law school stuff to be over.

i am going back to miami (by myself) for a few days to hopefully find a job. i am a little nervous since alex is really counting on me. i never thought that i would be the household provider. i always assumed that alex would be making big bucks and that i could be teaching preschool making no money. i guess thats life.

on a lighter note... heres a video of max chasing dragonflies :)


  1. Oh wow, this makes me SO HAPPY that we didn't end up getting a dog. We were seriously puppy shopping a few months before our baby was due and everyone kept telling us that training a puppy and taking care of a new baby would be so much work. I guess they were right!

    We'd still love to get a puppy after H gets a little older though. They are too cute and how fun would it be for our boy to grow up with his own doggy?!

  2. Yea.. Max is a handful!! But we love him so much. And he loves babies which gets us so excited for when we have a kid of our own.. Wait till Henry is a little older and more independent :)