Saturday, June 5, 2010

back home...

so i am finally back home with my lovey and max and relaxing (well not really.. i am writing thank you cards.. 5 months after the wedding!!) so much happened while i was visiting miami!

i got to miami late monday night and had a yummy cuban dinner with my parents and my sissy. it was so nice to be able to spend time with them but it felt so weird. my sissy kept joking how it felt as though i was not married. after dinner we went to my parents house and i got to sleep in my old bed, in my old room and did something i have not done in 6 months!! i stayed up late watching season 1 of friends. everyone that knows me is very well aware of my slight obsession with this series... when i was living with my parents, it was a staple in my room. it was always on, even if it wasnt watching. it was nice having this moment that night.

the next day i woke up early thinking that i would start my LONG day of job hunting. my first stop was my old elementary school to drop off my resume. i got to see an old teacher (she could not believe that i was dropping off a resume to work haha) and spoke with her about my life, her life, and the possibility of working at the school that i still till this day think is the most amazing elementary school in the world. my next stop was to pick up my best friend for drive-thru lunch and to continue the search for jobs (she is amazing and agreed to spend time with me doing this.. love you!)

the next few hours were some that i never expected.. i walked into a school to drop off my resume, was called to come back in to the school after leaving 5 minutes before then, was given a tour of the school, and then OFFERED A JOB!!! not only was i offered a job, i was offered a full time job (something that i was beginning to think would be impossible since every school that i called would tell me how there were no full time jobs available)! the pay is great, the school is adorable, and i could not be happier! this is one huge relief since lovey is having such a hard time finding work.. at least now one of us has work :)

since i found a job the rest of my week was amazing.. there was no longer an stress. that night i went to color me mine with my sissy and my best friend J. we had so much fun painting.. sissy made a mug and we had so much fun laughing at her non-existent creative side and J made an adorable frog prince piggy bank. i made a bowl (lovey and i have a deep love for everything bowls).

sissy and her mug :)

J and her frog prince piggy bank..

me and my bowl! didn't it come out awsome?!

but the whole reason for my trip (other than finding a job) was for my brother-in-law's high school graduation. we are all so proud of him and of the little man he has become. i feel like i have watched him grow up into such an incredible man (been with lovey for 6 years so i have known this boy since he was 11!!) all in all, it was a great trip. i am definitely going to miss gainesville but going to a place where we will be surrounded by family will be amazing.

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