Thursday, June 17, 2010


oh so much has been happening.. quick recap: put on offer on an apartment in miami, only 13 days of work left (so sad!!), and 43 days left in gainesville! we started packing up some of the stuff that we do not need on a daily basis.. extra bedding, books, and OMG alex's dvd's. let me just say that my dear husband has quite a collection of dvds. i call it an obsession.. he calls it "years of collecting his favorite thing." all i know is that his precious dvds took up 6 BOXES!! and there are still more that he wouldn't let me pack up.. dont believe me?
yes.. that is 6 boxes FILLED with hundreds of DVDs

other than that.. some scary stuff has been happening but i really rather not even think about it until i know more.

thats it for now...

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