Tuesday, August 31, 2010

oh. my. bed. hog.

so sleeping hasnt been the same the last few weeks. i know, i know... i don't know what i've got coming to me BUT i'm just not comfortable. i kept wanting something in between my legs, something to hug (hubby not included), and something under my head. that's a whole lot of pillows if you ask me and lovey wasnt really enjoying it when i would steal his pillow. so i finally decided to do something about it. we went to target together looking for a third pillow for me to use and instead we found the holy grail of all pillows... i am not joking! i love this thing and it has become my new best friend... blog world, i would like you to meet body pillow.


i seriously love this thing.. my nights have completely changed. i sleep so comfortably now! BUT... lovey hates it! he has already thrown it off the bed while im asleep (and of course i wake up the minute he pulls it from under me) and has already told me that it must leave the house once peanut arrives. how do i tell him im in love? uh oh.

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