Friday, September 10, 2010

16 weeks.

yes i know, i skipped a week. last week was insane! there was so much stuff going on and then we went out of town for the long weekend and i forgot. i hope that doesn't make me a terrible preggers for forgetting week 15 but its ok right?

let me just say that the further along i get, the less nauseous i feel and the more heartburn i get. to be honest... i don't know what i prefer. the heartburn is so bad and nothing seems to help :(. i hope it gets better!

this is after a whole day's worth of bloat... wow!

How far along?: 16 weeks
How big is baby?: is it bad that i don't know?? i still don't know and i went to the doctor... im officially the worst!
Weight gain?: i am officially up 2 pounds!
Stretch marks?: ::tear:: i discovered some on the bottom of my tatas... i cried, complained, and then got over it. i now apply 100% shea butter 3 times a day... call it ocd it you like
Maternity clothes?: a few bottoms but i still fit into most of my clothes.
Best moment this week?: spending some quality time with the hubbs and the family in disney.
Food cravings?: publix cake, smoothies, and still some rice with black beans
Movement?: felt peanut (i think) for the first time on saturday :)
Belly button?: innie
What I miss?: sleeping! i wake up at least twice to pee... and i used to be able to sleep through anything but NOW... i wake up when lovey rolls over
Labor signs?: it's too early
What I'm looking forward to?: finding out the sex in two weeks!
Milestone?: hmmm... 2ND TRIMESTER!!!!!