Saturday, September 18, 2010

17 weeks.

time is starting to pass by.. very quickly. its a little scary to think that we are losing time and still have so much to do but hopefully the next 23 weeks will be productive (the first 17 have not!)

i cant believe how pregnant i am starting to look...



how far along?: 17 weeks
how big is baby?: i actually did my research and this week peanut weighs 5 ounces and is about the size of a turnip <3
weight gain?: 3 pounds total :)
stretch marks?: just on the boobies and i am doing everything in my power that it stays that way
maternity clothes?: yep.. my jeans and a couple of shorts. everything else is just big sizes.
best moment this week?: having a day off from work
food cravings?: smoothies, fruit, and a big juicy steak!
gender?: not yet
movement?: ive got flutters!
belly button?: still in
what i miss?: this week i miss beer.. and i never really liked beer
labor signs?: nada.
what i am looking forward to?: finding out the sex of the baby in just 9 days
milestone?: peanut can officially hear us!


  1. just nine days until you know the sex? exciting! i told myself i wasn't going to cry when we found out and then they told me it was a boy and i lost. it. one of my most cherished pregnancy memories for sure. oh, i am just so excited for you!!!

  2. allie, excited doesn't even begin to describe how am feeling. i am sure that you will be reading all about the day we find out next week :) thanks for following by the way!

  3. ahh i am so jealous that you didn't wear this when i saw you! next time i wanna see that baby bump!!