Sunday, September 26, 2010

18 weeks!!

oh em gee... i am almost half way there!!

the picture is terrible but i was rushing to get out of the house.. sorry about the crazy wet hair.


now onto the survery...

how far along?: 18 weeks
how big is baby?: according to baby, peanut is about 5 and a half inches, 7 ounces, and the size of a bell pepper!! (and this is only from its head to bum)
weight gain?: 4 pounds total... it looks like it may be a pound a week now.. i hope this slows down
stretch marks?: just on the boobies and i am doing everything in my power that it stays that way
maternity clothes?: yep.. my jeans and a couple of shorts. everything else is just big sizes. and i had to go buy "maternity bras".. they aren't really maternity but my boobies are SO big that they don't fit in my pre pregnancy bras :(
best moment this week?: nothing too crazy this week... it was actually a rough week
food cravings?: smoothies, fruit, and a big juicy steak!
gender?: OMG... TOMORROW!!!
movement?: ive got flutters!
belly button?: still in
what i miss?: sleeping on my belly.. it feels so weird to lie flat on my stomach
labor signs?: nada.
what i am looking forward to?: finding out the sex of the baby in just 24 hours!
milestone?: i feel great!

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