Friday, September 10, 2010

dear baby,

dearest baby,

i had a realization the other night... it's something that will forever change the way i feel about you. you see baby, your mommy was adopted. i was only 2 days old when my parents went to the hospital to pick up their baby girl (me). i have lived the most amazing life and i have been blessed to have such an amazing family. i have a father who would do anything for me, a mother who is my hero, a sister who is my best friend, and a brother who even though we bump heads i love dearly. i also have incredible aunts and uncles and the best cousins a girl could ask for. it has been the life that i think my birth mother wanted for me. every day i thank her for making the decision of giving me up for adoption. it was because of that decision that i have the life that i live.

because i am adopted, i have never known where i come from, who i look like, or a blood relative. that's where you come in, my dear baby. when i will get to hold you for the first time on the day that you are born, you will be the first person that i meet that has a piece of me. my first known blood relative. the thought of you growing inside of me has always meant so much to me but now... you mean even more! i hope that i am able to do half as good of a job as your mommy as my mommy did with me. i can't wait to hold you in my arms for the first time.



  1. oh mel that was beautiful! i am so happy for you!

  2. i cannot even begin to tell you how much i loved this - so beautiful and genuine - and totally made me sob while reading it. youre amazing and the biggest blessing our family ever received. 143.

  3. you have me CRYING my eyes out while sitting here in my office. WOW!

    you are an amazing girl with such a beautiful heart. i am sooooo happy that God had you,your parents and family as a unit in HIS PLAN! yes, you are blessed but THEY are the ones that are TRULY blessed to have you.

    (you have made me cry my eyes out, made my heart melt and i have ran to the bathroom 3 times while writing this)

    thank you for sharing this little (HUGE!) piece of you with me. i feel honored that you let me in. ESPECIALLY bc our babies will be friends and family:)

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

    the bond that you and your daughter will have is going to be like no other and i can wait to be a part of all of it.


  4. So I'm sitting in a restaurant and I'm with my momand sister and felt compelled to re read this post but I couldn't but for some craZy reason I needed to read it again. So I made my sister read it to my mom and me bc at that moment, it was a must for me. So my sister starts and and after the third sentence looks at me and says why the he'll are u making read this??? And tell her she needs to keep on. 3 seconds later my mother is completely balling , mascara everywhere.

    Anyway just wanted to share with u 2 things. #1: I shared a blog entry with my family. #2: I think ur pretty awesome and am soooo happy that our babies will be friends and that I can ask u a trillion questions since ur aheadof me.


  5. Visiting from FTLOB.

    This is such a moving, heartfelt post. Really beautiful!

  6. So often we hear about adoption only in the context of the child and birth mother. It was refreshing to hear a perspective on the adopted child becoming a birth mother herself - beautiful!

  7. Visiting from for the love of blogs fun post. What a beautiful letter. I am sure your little one will treasure it for years to come.