Tuesday, September 14, 2010

total stress overload!

today i had a pretty serious breakdown. a few people have told me that they noticed me a little on the anxious side and that i needed to be careful but to be honest, i didnt take them seriously... until this morning. i woke up, in a good mood might i add, ready to go to work. it was an exciting day for lovey and i (he had 2 job interviews! he hasnt had any since the bar exam) and after showering and eating breakfast i went and got in my car to go to work. and guess what... THE CAR WOULDN'T START! now i know people deal with this exact problem all the time but i never had (the one time it did happen to me it was quite funny because a friend and i were spying on someone and got stranded in the parking lot of their business). and of all the days of the year for this to happen it had to be today.. the day that my lovey needed his car (interviews, duh) and he needed his car and the same moment that i did. i live far from work so i couldnt call someone to pick me up and take me and the one chance that i had of borrowing a car was with my in-laws who needed their car.

to make a long story short, i call my boss to explain that i cannot make it to work because i physically cannot get there and she tells me that i NEED to find a way. (again, i live FAR!)

i lost it... i immediately started crying (with said boss on the phone) and it wasn't just a few tears. it was the kind of crying that leaves you short of breath and gasping for air. i guess it was a little bit of a panic attack... so bad for my little baby :(

i realized today that i need to calm down a bit. i cant keep letting people affect me this way. i took a good half an hour to calm down and then figured everything out (didnt end up going to work... definitely not staying there after baby).

im starting yoga... its going to be part of the new a relaxed future mommy-meli plan. wish me luck!


  1. first off, as said friend stranded in the car with you, why didn't you call me? i would have taken you or at least had lunch with you lol. and i want to do yoga with you!

    please calm down, you are a good employee and teacher and she needs to see that.

  2. Oh no! I bet a lot of the stress is from pregnancy hormones, I was an emotional wreck for a lot of my pregnancy. Yuck! Still, I can't believe your boss responded the way she did. That would for sure stress anyone out.

    Thank you so much for leaving me such a sweet and encouraging comment about my friend Stacie. It's really good to hear that eventually you do learn to live with the reality of the situation.

    Excited to catch up on posts that I have missed while on vacation and dealing with this accident!