Friday, October 22, 2010

conversations with a 4 year old.

so when alex and i found out it was a girl we both just smiled at each other, kissed, and he squeezed my hand as the lady doing the ultrasound congratulated us. neither of us spoke... we were both just happy (we would have been happy either way). when we got in the car we both spit out the first thought that entered our minds. i thought of the immediate bond that i would be sharing with my little girl. alex on the other hand thought of something that would have never crossed my mind. as it turns out, he was smiling because when the lady said it was a girl he realized that he would never have to have a conversation like this...

Gabriella: Look Melissa, there are two cookies... one for me and one for you baby!
Me: Thank you Gaby... that is so nice of you
Gabriella: Melissa... how are you going to get the baby out of your belly??
Me: Um... I have to push it out.
Gabriella: Out of your mouth?
Me: Um... Want another cookie?
Gabriella: Ok.. I love cookies! Melissa, How are you going to push the baby out of your belly?
Me: (oh crap oh crap oh crap...) Um... the doctor is going to help me.
Gabriella: Oh, ok...
Me: (silence... thank god that was enough!! i just smile at her)
Gabriella: Melissa... how did the baby get in your belly?
Me: (hyperventilating... I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION WITH A CHILD THAT IS NOT MINE!!) Um... (first thing that comes to my mind... this is not what my momma told me!) while i was sleeping one night.. little angels came into my room and put the baby in my belly so it could grow.

thank god for ADD in children!!

so alex thinks since we are having a little girl that he will never have the sex talk with her. i really hope she approaches him one day asking questions like this!


  1. lmaooo i still cant get over that was one of his first thoughts!!!!

  2. it wasnt one of his first thought... it was THE FIRST THOUGHT he had lol