Tuesday, October 12, 2010

crafty happy.

so the craft bug inside of me is going crazy. i want a sewing machine (so i can learn to use it), i want to knit, i want to make things (for the baby.. and me!), AND i am obsessed with going to michaels and joann fabrics. i went to michaels first to see if i could satisfy my craving but found nothing. then i made my way to joann's and low and behold.. the beast has been born! this is what i bought...

i stocked up my sewing box, bought some thread, and enough felt to make outfits for an entire school of children

i have gone craft crazy. i can't stop. i make bows, flowers, more bows, and then 10 more flowers.

exibit A:
pretty bows

exibit B:
not so little flowers

so should i quit my job and dedicate my life to crafts?


  1. wow mel those are really cute...go you!

  2. those flowers are to die for adorable!! are they for the hair or a pin for her shirt? or maybe even a tete-clip?
    soooo many things you can do w them!!!

  3. Those are so adorable! I've heard of weird pregnancy cravings but nothing like this! :)

    Thank you for visiting me on my special day yesterday!!!