Thursday, October 21, 2010

i am so embarrased!

ok, so i cannot believe that i am actually going to blog about this but what the hell... here goes.

the other night as i was in the middle of being "crafty happy" i noticed that my shirt was a little damp. i figured that i leaned into something so i changed my shirt and went on with what i was doing. no more than 5 minutes later, my shirt was wet again. so i investigated, and then cried when i realized what was going on.


i called my sister and cousin to get them to pity me for this miserable thing that i was going through.. i was literally crying like a fool. they laughed at me but all i could think about was how i will eventually need to buy some of these...


i swear, if i need to start stuffing my bra with these little suckers i might go nuts. i finally calmed down a bit (after a long talk with alex... well no talking, just him calming me down and telling me it's normal... WHAT DOES HE KNOW?) and i am getting used to the idea that my boobs are leaking. i do not like this one bit!


  1. check out a cup of jo, she just blogged about something similar : )

  2. omg meli. lolll. that night was classic. me and vane roared!! but i still took it serious and used my extraordinary google skills to put you at ease!!!!

  3. jenny.. what is cup of jo??

    jen.. it was not funny for me :( but im glad you took it seriously lol

  4. embarrassing, i know but really it will be an awesome thing if you're planning on breastfeeding. i never experienced this and have always felt like i'm just barely making enough milk for henry and that i might loose my milk someday too. way better to have an abundance than barely enough like me :)

    weird post to reply to your comment on, i know ;) but! the camera i mostly use is a sony cybershot point and shoot (you know, the taylor swift commercial ones?) and then i edit using picnik premium. sometimes though i take pictures with a canon rebel xsi, if you can afford a $700 camera it's definitely worth the money...(i don't own one YET!)their rebel xti is awesome too, and just a couple hundred more. those fort pictures of henry were taken with my sony though...