Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i can explain...

i know it has been a week and i know this happens to me all the time but i promise, i won't go a week without posting again!! i have been a little sick. i caught this dumb cold from the kids i teach and since i cannot take anything, i just don't get better. i swear.. every few days my symptoms change! as of late, i have a cough and nasal congestion... before it was headaches and nasal congestion. the best part of being sick is this...

nom nom nom

my amazing aunt keeps making me the most delicious soups!! this one was carrot, potato, onion, ginger, and ORANGE JUICE! i never thought that i would enjoy a soup with orange juice in it but it was so delicious. it even left my throat feeling nice and warm. the ginger probably helped :) i now want to start making my own soups. i even started looking through some cookbooks. the experimenting will begin this weekend, ill let you know how it goes!


  1. yeayy so glad you are loving it!! you know she likes to feel useful and needed. ;)

  2. YUM! i want to make carrot soup now! i hope you are feeling better...being sick when you are pregnant is double NOT FUN.

  3. jen.. shes the best!

    allie.. i want to make soup too! im going to try my first recipe this weekend.. ill post about it! :)