Thursday, October 7, 2010

oh the heartburn..

i am starting to get really annoyed with my all day, everyday heartburn. i keep eating thinking it will make it go away and then it only gets worse. i'm scared to eat most things because i know what is going to come after and i keep eating the same things over and over (cheese and cream cheese sandwiches.. don't judge, they are AMAZING!). the heartburn makes me really moody... i pick fights with the hubby and make him bring me chocolate milk (my new obsession.. plus milk helps, for about half an hour). i miss food, i miss enjoying a full belly.

so i started asking around to figure out what i could do to make the heartburn go away... and here it is, my new best friend...


oh, sweet tums... thank you so much for making me better.

i did have a minor freak out tonight when i could not find my sacred bottle of tums... so minor that i yelled at the hubby for moving them and then while i was angry, i was really close to grabbing my keys and heading over to a 24 hour cvs to pick up another bottle... i hope im not addicted, maybe a little dependent but not addicted right?


  1. hello, just follow in your own tio pepe's footsteps. the guy has a pack in his car, 2 in his desk, 1 in his nightstand, 1 in the kitchen, and always makes my mom have some in her purse as well, just in case!!!! lmaooo

  2. TUM's has been such a life saver for me! I swear I will have gone hours without eating anything and just drinking water and I get it!!! I would get so miserable when I would have an amazing meal in front of me and not be able to eat more than half of it cause the heart burn was soooo bad! I want to send them a heart felt thank you letter for creating these little pills!!!

  3. Tasha.. I carry around a bottle with me everywhere I go! I have a bottle in my purse with me and a bottle at home. I love these things!