Friday, October 8, 2010

strollers on my mind.

i have been dreaming about the same stroller for years.. enter bugaboo frog

i have loved it for years and knew that this was the stroller i needed to have when i had a baby. so today, my mom and i went to go check them out. i wanted to "test drive" it, see how it closes up, weight, etc. as i am playing with it the very nice sales lady throws me some news i didn't expect to get. what happens when your dream stroller is about to be discontinued?? PANICK! i know there are hundreds of strollers out there but i have always imagined owning this one. she assured me that i could still find it online (and for a discounted price now) but that i run the risk of not being about to find parts for it in the future. what to do... what to do.

so i have options, right? they recommended the bugaboo bee to me...

i am going tomorrow to check it out.. i'll keep you posted. in the mean time... any suggestions on a stroller?


  1. talk to maitee about this bugaboo. she had it and it hogs up your entire trunk!!!

  2. the one maitee has is different.. the one she has is a lot bigger then the frog! its also a couple hundred more :(