Wednesday, October 20, 2010

things i love {one}

so i'm going to do a weekly post... and since this blog did get its begin by the things that i loved daily i figured that it would make sense to go back to that but weekly. every wednesday i will do i things a love post. enjoy.

this week i love...
1. carrot soup
2. the way my dog, max, steals my socks when i take them off
3. getting along with my coworker (for the first time since august.. lets see how long that lasts)
4. having a spa day with my sister and cousin <3
5. listening to alex (lovey) laugh when he watched FRIENDS with me


  1. spa day was phenomenal!!! i could live that way everyday, pure luxurious bliss!! ;)

  2. oh my gosh, carrot soup? that sounds amazing!

    thanks for the sweet comment you left me when i was SO frustrated! i also work with other kids (on top of having henry all day too!) only two, but they are under the age of four and it's just so tiring. don't worry though, it really is different when it is your own kid you are with. like, even the frustration and anger you feel towards them is like a loving, dumbed down version of any stress you feel as a teacher. i wouldn't worry about it, yeah. it's hard at times, but so worth it. you're going to be an awesome mama, i can already tell!

    thanks again! i hope you are having a great week :)

  3. jen... it really was! i think we should do it once a month :)

    allie.. being a teacher is soooo difficult while preggers lol