Wednesday, October 27, 2010

things i love {two}

yay for keeping up with this weekly post... i deserve a pat on the back :)

6. I HAD 2 DAYS OFF FROM WORK... even if i was at home, in bed, and sick.
7. butternut squash soup... YUM! i am really into soups lately. thanks tita!
8. being naked.. i know this is weird but i feel so confined when i am wearing clothes.. i get home and immediately strip down
9. LOVED this weeks episode of glee :)
10. still loving FRIENDS and cuddle time with al


  1. the love of nakedness must be a pregnant thing... ME TOO! lol. Clothes just don't feel good right now... too tight, too hot, too bleh.

  2. i was the same way during my pregnancy! i think it was because all of them fit me so weird because of my belly, so once i was home from work i felt more normal being without them :)