Thursday, November 11, 2010

25 weeks.


and my feet are gone... well you can still see a little bit of my left toes :)

  • she should be about 13 and a half inches and weighing about a pound and a half
  • according to baby center, she is starting to grow hair!
  • she is kicking me all the time.. i have noticed that it is usually when im lying on my side, yelling at my students (yes i yell sometimes but it is completely necessary!), or when i am watching glee
  • i can see her movements from the outside and feel her too... alex got luck and felt her once but the other night HE SAW HER MOVE!! it has got to be the best part about being pregnant

  • i am officially up 11 pounds
  • my ankles are the size of baseball bats
  • dont even get me started on the heartburn
  • my back hurts :(
  • i am getting really, REALLY tired
  • sleeping is still good but i wake up in the middle of the night to pee

i still cant believe that i am six months and a week pregnant... sometimes i forget and then she kicks me. :)


  1. awww!! you look so super cute! :) I <3 the name Olivia.

    <3 Ash

  2. Hi sweetie. Aww, you're belly is super cute. I'm now 30 weeks pregnant. Congratulations to you babes! Is this your first. Sorry, I briefly read anything I just was excited to see your belly bump photo & comment. I actually found your profile on 20sb! (=

    Sounds like you've been on a journey so far with your pregnancy. Isn't a magical feeling. Olivia is a beautiful name. My feet have been gone for months. I miss my toes. When I actually look at my nail polish on it, YUCK! It's all nasty lookin! I should do one facing down! bwahaha. Err HEARTBURN! I hate it. In a few weeks you'll be entering your 3rd trimester.. the fatigue?? baby doll, it gets worse. haha. Sorry (=

    I love this blog. I'ma gonna link you. Take care.

  3. I secretly dislike you for being 6 months pregnant and only gaining 11 I don't mean it. ;)

    Olivia is a gorgeous name..and you are a beautiful pregnant girl!

  4. i love you soo much cant wait to see you tonight!!!! :)