Sunday, November 14, 2010

Best moment...

the best moment during this pregnancy was not when i tinkled on those 5 sticks... each of which told me that i was positively pregnant. it wasn't when I sat at my obgyn's office and watched and our little "peanut" float there calmly. the best moment wasn't when I went back to the obgyn's with lovey and heard little peanut's heart beat for the first time. it wasn't when we sat at the fancy doctors office to have the fancy ultrasound done and were told it was a girl. the best moment wasn't even when I felt her kick for the first time...

the BEST, SWEETEST, most INCREDIBLE moment happened on friday night while lovey and i were out to dinner. the moment that I will NEVER forget was the moment when lovey felt Olivia for the first time. I will never forget the pensive look on his face when he didn't quite know what had just happened. I will never forget how the smile slowly crept up on his face when he realized that she had just kicked him. and i will NEVER forget the way his face glowed with pride and happiness when she kicked him for the second and then the third time. Olivia is one lucky girl... because her daddy is incredible!!! I had an amazing weekend and it's all because i keep thinking back to that moment, the BEST moment, and I realize how lucky i am.


  1. Aww. "was not when i tinkled on those 5 sticks" too cute! My first pregnancy I was in SO much denial I did pee on 5 sticks and wanted to buy more. Weird as it may seem, I loved that excitement of KNOWING its positive! It feels good. I even walk in the isles of walmart and I ain't gonna lie - I want to purchase one! haha. Just to feel that sense of "new beginnings" about to happen. haha. OMG, and movements! I'm definitely going to miss it. I have 7-10 weeks left to enjoy it.

  2. This is too cute. I love the part about "tinkling on the sticks". LOL. I think all of those would be my favorite moments, but since it's never happened, I'm not sure. But I can just imagine your husband face glow, I know my boyfriend would be the same way.

    <3 Ash

  3. That is a Special Moment that neither of you will ever forget. Congratulations to you both.

    I am visiting from Monday Mingle and found your blog. I would love to have you visit my blogs too!


    PS, I have a dog named max too. He is a Boston Terrier and the 'man' of the house (or so he thinks. We have two other dogs too, Pickle and Maisy, and he rules them.

  4. Oh Melissa, I'm glad to hear your pregnancy is going better and better everyday. God bless you. XO

    Hope to see you in my My Monday Blog hop here.

  5. Congrats. :) Life is precious isn't it.

    I am your newest follower from FMBT. Have a great week.

  6. aaaiiii meli this is sooo cute!!! you and alex are both so special - olivia is a lucky baby to be born into the best family ever!!!

  7. So sweet Melissa!! My hubby never cared to feel the baby kick and it kind of bummed me out. Sounds like you have a special guy!

  8. Just wait until you see her in his arms for
    the first time! You will get that feeling multiplied by a million! I cried harder seeing Jake hold Rylin then I did when I held her!