Monday, November 22, 2010

conversations with a 4 year old... #2

now that all of my students know and understand that there is a baby living in my belly, we have a lot of moments like this...

(i notice that isabella is patting my belly)
me: isa... what are you doing?
isabella: im touching your baby (duh)
me: ooohhhhh
isabella: do you think she can touch me? (i'm pretty sure she meant feel)
me: what do you think?
isabella: (leans in to press her face against my belly and wraps her arms around me) olivia, are you in there?

i immediately start laughing... and then she starts giggling too... and then without either of us expecting it, olivia gives her a nice big kick on the cheek...

isabella: (wide eyed) SHE CAN TOUCH ME!

this keeps making me smile.


  1. SUCH a great age, isn't it? The almost four year old I watch says the most hilarious things too. Best part of my day sometimes :) I love your new banner btw!

  2. lol!!! awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! this is wayyyyyy too cute! :) Kids always make you smile. :)

  3. allie.. they entertain me so much :) and thanks about the banner!

    ashley & ashely :)... thanks!