Wednesday, November 3, 2010

things i love {three}

i had a terrible day at work today so i am having a hard time thinking of things that i love right now (i can definitely think of things that i hate/dont love but thats not the point) so...

11. ice cream sundays.. been having one every few days and they make me so happy!! some vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles (yes i know.. i am a child!)
12. being barefoot. none of my shoes fit me comfortably and even if i am wearing a pair that fits "ok", it feels incredible to take them off.
13. im feeling better!! still coughing a little but so much better :)
14. its been a short work week with the kids (teacher work day on monday)
15. IM GOING TO DISNEY ON FRIDAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooo excited to get away.. even if it's only for 2 nights.


  1. Yumm that Sunday looks delicious! And Disney you say??? Can i join you???:)ha ha:) I am now following you thanks to Welcome Wednesday and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog:)
    Have a great day and feel free to check out our new easy tutorial going on today! Happy Thursday!

  2. meliiiiii. me and vane totally bought vanilla ice cream the other day (i already had hersheys syrup at home). i was sooo mad when we got home from publix and i realized that i forgot to buy sprinkles!!!! so much fun to eat like a kid!!

    anyways sometimes i wish you werent married bc then you would lived with me too during these months and the 3 of us wouldve had the most fun (sorry alex if you read this, i dont mean it against you, lollll)

  3. Thank you for the follow! Congrats on your pregnancy!