Wednesday, November 10, 2010

things i love {four}

16. DAY OFF TOMORROW!! thank you veterans day... and thank you to all the veterans out there!! we owe you a lot :)
17. we bought max a GIANT bone yesterday and i am really enjoying watching him play with it
18. the fact that i can very easily trick my cravings... yesterday i wanted samoas (girl scout cookies), got really upset at life when i realized they don't go on sale till january and bought some chocolate chip cookie dough... problem solved!
19. one of my students started reading!! i like to think that it is all because of ME. i taught him, i helped him, and i encouraged him... ill just pretend for a little while that his parents had nothing to do with it (i really dont think they do) i have never been so proud of anyone... such an amazing feeling (he is 4 by the way)
20. being naked... still... anyone know of any nudist colonies?? just kidding :)

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  1. Yay for cookie dough! And congrats on teaching someone to read. What an incredible gift!