Wednesday, November 17, 2010

things i love {five}

1. crab claws.... nom nom nom!! i seriously can't get enough of these... i think if you let me i could probably down 5 pounds of them :(... it's too bad we can only afford them every once in a while
2. sleeeeeeppppp!!!!
3. my belly :)... it's starting too get out of that "oh she's really chubby" stage and i actually look preggers now. it's too bad I look 9 months pregnant and not the actual 6 and a half that i am
4. how cute my lovey is with this whole pregnancy... he gets so excited when we talk about everything and even though he has a lot going on, he stays positive about me and Olivia :)
5. the book "your pregnancy week by week"... it's seriously keeping me sane. i have some serious labor anxiety and it's helping me calm down a bit

my blogs new look should be up any day now... i am so excited for you all to see it :)


  1. I really like reading these, they make me smile. Enjoy your sleep now if you can get it! :) I can't wait to see your make-over!

  2. Thanks for reading ashely :) i am glad they make you smile!!

  3. omggggg your new layout is adorable!!!! i love it. howd you do it?!?