Friday, December 31, 2010

101 things in a 1001 days

no new years resolution this year... instead i made a list. i was inspired by fellow blogger mrs. priss and i hope i can inspire you too :) happy new year!

start date: january 1, 2011
end date: september 28, 2013

in progress

goals for me.
1. start to learn a new language (italian)
2. read 25 new books (0/25)
3. stop being a pack rat
4. take a day JUST FOR ME once a month
5. dont complain about ANYTHING for a week (0/7)
6. learn to knit/crochet
7. buy myself a louis vuitton purse
8. watch 50 new movies (7/50; inception, a-team, the great outdoors, letters to juliette, life as we know it, the beauty and the briefcase, revenge of the bridesmaids)
9. watch all top 250 movies from IMDB list (58/250)
10. grow out my hair and stop being impulsive and chopping it off
11. learn to accept compliments
12. no tv/computer/cell phone for a whole day
13. no more bad words
14. donate clothes that i do not wear for 6 months
15. learn about photography
16. use my camera on manual mode and know what i am doing
17. learn to use a sewing machine
18. spend a day at the spa
19. look presentable (hair and makeup) for a whole week (0/7)
20. make a list of 101 things that make me happy

goals for my family.
21. kiss alex goodnight 365 consecutive times
22. this one is a secret ...
23. play a board game with alex once a month (0/33)
24. let alex pick movies more often
25. surprise alex with breakfast in bed
26. plan 10 creative dates with alex (0/10)
27. cook 10 candlelight dinners for alex (0/10)
28. date night once a week (0/?)
29. cook every day for a month (0/30)
30. try 101 new recipes (0/101)
31. apologize when i am wrong and know it
32. weekend away just alex and me
33. have a baby :)
34. finish the nursery
35. read a book to olivia every night for 101 consecutive nights (0/101)
36. document olivia’s life
37. spend at least half an hour a day loving max when olivia comes (trying to be realistic)
38. speak to olivia mainly in spanish
39. make sure everyone else speaks to olivia in spanish
40. make something for olivia once a month (2/33; wall letters, bows/flowers)
41. start planning for baby #2
42. spend quality time with my mom & mother in law once a month (0/33)
43. spend quality time with my dad & father in law once a month (0/33)
44. spend quality time with my siblings (in-laws too) once a month (0/33)
45. buy fresh flowers for the house once a month (0/33)
46. organize and maintain organization in the house for a month
47. have professional pictures taken of our family

healthy girl goals.
48. eliminate fast food for an entire month
49. no soda for a month
50. start spinning again
51. take a yoga class
52. get a gym membership and use it
53. get back to pre-baby pre-wedding weight
54. lose 20 pounds (0/20)
55. take a walk everyday for a month with olivia & max (0/30)
56. do cardio for 1 hour 3 times a week for a month (0/12)
57. run/walk a 5k

adventure goals.
58. go camping for the first time
59. plan and go on 3 mini vacations with our little family (0/3)
60. plan and go on a big vacation with our little family
61. visit at least 5 new cities (0/5)
62. go on 5 picnics to 5 different locations (0/5)
63. fall asleep under the stars
64. kiss in the rain
65. watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
66. go on a road trip
67. go skinny dipping
68. eat at 10 new restaurants (0/10)
69. have a food fight

money, money, money.
70. go a month without buying something for myself
71. go a whole week without buying anything but groceries
72. limit going out to eat for only twice a month
73. start a realistic budget
74. start saving money again
75. buy a car for me
76. buy a car for alex
77. buy a house

blog/internet/mini business goals.
78. blog everyday for a month (0/30)
79. get 300 followers and love them to pieces (103/300)
80. find and comment on 5 new blogs everyday for a week (7/7)
81. no facebook for a week
82. get to 1000 (meaningful) tweets (0/1000)
83. start up store for my mini business
84. take mini business seriously
85. create and take pictures of products for mini business
86. buy my own domain name

social goals.
87. make 5 new friends (0/5)
88. join a mommy & me group to meet other mommies
89. do a nice thing for 10 strangers (0/10)
90. give 5 homemade/thoughtful gifts for family&friends birthdays (0/5)
91. volunteer for the day
92. go see 3 broadways (0/5)
93. donate blood
94. help out 3 people selflessly (0/3)
95. say yes to 10 things i would normally say no to (0/10)
96. do karaoke

97. inspire 5 people to make a 101 in 1001 days list (0/5)
98. deposit $2 in savings for every complete task (1/101)
99. deposit $1 in savings for every incomplete task (0/101)
100. take a picture of completed tasks (when possible)
101. make another 101 list in 1001 days when this one is completed


  1. I love this & will be trying to do this as well :) :) Thanks for the idea

  2. Hi Melissa! I am a new follower and absolutely love your blog already :) The lists are so sweet.


  3. wow!! This is a great idea and lots of fun goals. I like the no bad words. I love your list and that you are planning to document Olivia's life (this is what all good mom's should do).

    <3 Ash

  4. This is a great idea!! I think I might try this myself. - Amy