Thursday, December 30, 2010

goodbye 2010.

this year has been an incredible one... crazy but so so good!

we welcomed the year on our honeymoon

we then got back to miami from our honeymoon to pack up the car and set out to gainesville, fl (he had already been living there but i was moving in) where lovey would be finishing his last semester of law school. we had an adorable apartment on the 3rd floor of the sweetest apartment complex. we had great neighbors and a beautiful view of a lake.

after being in gainesville for only a few days, i decided i was ready for even more change... i chopped off 16 inches of my hair and donated it.

while alex was studying, i had a job at a small preschool that is affiliated with the university of florida. i worked with amazing women and the greatest families i have dealt with till this day. after 2 months we decided that our little family of two was ready for something else... we adopted max :)

our adorable family of 3

alex graduated from law school!! yay!! and just a few days after graduation, we found out that our plan of staying in gainesville for another year while lovey did some more graduate school would not be happening (didnt get in... their loss!)

so we decided that when he was done with the bar exam we would be moving back to miami... we would both find work and be close to family again. i found a job almost as soon as i began looking and would have to be moving back to miami a few weeks before alex so that i could prepare our new home and get ready for my new job. just 2 weeks before the big move... something happened...

 i found out i was pregnant!!!!! i freaked out a little... alex was beyond excited. i moved, he took the bar, he came home to me and my slowly growing belly and we have been so so looking forward to baby ever since. lovey did not pass the bar exam (but the test is stupid!) and will be retaking it in february (just 3 days before my due date!). life has taken our lives this year and made it this crazy little bunch of love that it is. we are now a family of 3 waiting for our forth member to arrive...

bring it on 2011!!!


  1. Yay! What a great year will be a zillion times better! Congrats! XOXO

  2. what a beautiful year and that baby bump is so darling! love it and congrats.....i want a pup to complete our little family! i had a friend from high school who lives in gainsville...we're not too far from Miami....2 hrs!:) enjoy the new year you blessed girl you!:)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful year! :) So glad it was great :)

  4. klove.. thank you!! i know that next year is going to be just as great :)

    vic.. our pup was the cherry topping to our ice cream sunday! where do you live? west palm?

    nicole.. thank you!

  5. What a great year congrats on everything and may 2011 be the best ever!

  6. super cute!! what a fantastic year! :) 2011 will be just as great :)

    <3 ash