Monday, December 6, 2010

dear olivia,

to my olivia,
i cant believe that in less than 12 weeks i will be holding you in my arms. it is so crazy to me how quickly time has flown. it feels like just yesterday when i sat there in our bathroom in gainesville and tinkled on those sticks that told me i was positively pregnant. the whole family is just so excited. you are all we talk about and we haven't even met you! i cant wait to see whose nose you have, our whose eyes you have, or what kind of personality you are going to have. i think you are going to look like your daddy. i hope you have his eyes, and his curly hair... i can live without his feet and strange shaped head but if you get those too its OK.. i'll love you anyways (just how i love him regardless of the weird feet and head).

have i told you how lucky you are? i seriously don't know anyone who is as loved as you are!! you are already getting one of the joys that i never had growing up... AMAZING grandparents. i can't wait to see you spoiled by your grandmas and grandpas. i know that if my grandma and grandpa were around they would have treated me that way, but you are lucky.. you are getting TWO sets of pretty kick butt grandparents. and lets not forget you aunts and uncles (pretty awsome too!) and all of the extended aunts and uncles that you will be surrounded by. i am so happy that you will have all this love in your life.

i love that i feel you roll around now. it's a strange feeling but i love it. you love moving around to christmas music, glee soundtracks, and when i sway.. you kick me if i stop. thanks for the constant reminders that you are growing in me :)

love you always,


  1. just lovely! Sleep now, sleep, sleep, sleep!! lol

  2. Very sweet Melissa! I can't wait for you to meet Olivia and experience all the wonderment and joy of motherhood!

  3. sweet! :)