Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My daughter is making fun of me...

First I would like to apologize for my lack of posting.. I have had a terrible cough (bronchitis) and have been trying to recover for almost a week now. And to make the situation even better.. Our cable, phone and Internet has been out since yesterday.. Thanks comcast! I am attempting a post from my phone so I hope this works...

Ok back to my point.. This cough.. I have bronchitis and a respiratory infection so my ob prescribed a zpack and a really disgusting green cough syrup. I had been lying in bed trying to get better with the help of what my ob sent me (I had tried EVERY natural remedy in the book.. The cough got so bad that my chest, abdominal muscles, and back were hurting every time I coughed.. Which was often). Then.. My silly little mother decided to tell me a story of how a cousin of my father's lost her baby when she was about 7 months preggo. She had gotten sick, took some cough syrup, and then stopped feeling her baby. Ok.. Lesson #1 to all you non-preggos out there... NEVER and I mean NEVER tell a preggo a story about how someone lost their baby. I spend all day Monday counting kicks... And in my little brain.. She wasn't kicking/moving enough. I drove myself crazy... I literally spent way too much time in bed waiting to see if I would feel anything.. I would get a small roll or a small kick but it wasn't normal. I decided that I would go to sleep and that if I didn't feel her wake up with me the following morning o would be rushing to the hospital.

Needless to say.. Out little girl made her presence known all day yesterday and continues to do so this morning... She will not stop moving and nothing makes me happier. I think she is mocking me... She definitely thinks I'm crazy and is having herself a laugh at me. I may have had my first hysterical mom moment... Oh boy! I don't even want to see myself when she is an outside baby :)

She is making fun of my right? Right.


  1. I'm just as bad. A few weeks ago I was having a really stressful time at work, my blood pressure went way up, I couldn't sleep, had headaches etc, and my baby stopped kicking for a couple of days. I was absolutely paranoid that the stress of work was going to make me lose the baby. My midwife made me drink a glass of iced water and the baby immediately started kicking! Panic over.

    I think it's only natural to worry, it's because you care. Hope you're feeling better now :)

  2. Thanks Emma! I feel more normal now knowing that it does happen to other moms :)

  3. Yep - It is that time of year for getting sick easily. I know I have my share from the little bad bugs that makes us sick. Anyway, I hope you feel better ASAP.

    I work for Comcast I thought I'd drop a note to offer my help and my apology. If you'd like me to look into the problem, please feel free to contact me. You can email me; include your account info and a link to this page. We will be happy to help! :)

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  4. Aww sweetie, I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is no fun whatsoever. That's crazy that your mom told you that story. I would be a little scared too, but glad Olivia is mocking you and kickin like crazy :)

    <3 Ash

  5. thanks ash! :) i love getting comments from you by the way.