Wednesday, December 29, 2010

open mouth...

insert foot now!

i am slightly impressed/shocked/pleasantly surprised by a comment i received a short while ago. i complained a little bit about how my cable, internet and phone were out and how i was slightly upset with comcast... a user (who works with comcast) responded to my comment and offered up his help!! ok comcast... you win! not only did we have everything back about half an hour after i complained BUT you seem to have little elves working on the blogger world looking for upset customers.

just to be clear... you rock my socks off comcast :)


  1. WOW that is so awesome! Haha I love things like that. Way to go Comcast employee! You need a raise! :D

  2. See, that's why I love my bloggy friends... they're always there to help!!

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

    I'm also doing a perfume giveaway right now if you're interested!