Wednesday, December 1, 2010

things i love {seven}

26. ahh... IT'S DECEMBER!! seriously, best month ever. not only is it Christmas time now but it's also the month of our anniversary. i just love the month of december... everyone is always so happy.
27. our Christmas tree (the very first one!) ill post pictures soon.
28. the fact that there are already wrapped present sitting under our tree.
29. how olivia dances to Christmas music :)... she is definitely just like me!
30. that max hasnt attacked the Christmas tree... we were a little nervous about this

(can you see a theme in everything that i am loving?? i am a seriously feeling the holiday love)

things i hate... second edition
1. heartburn after EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I. EAT.

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  1. I was the exact same way when I was prego. I had heartburn all day every day. Milk helped me, but be careful, it's really fattening.

  2. dee.. milk is my best friend!! especially chocolate milk :) but i drink skim hahaha so not too fattening

  3. Ugh sorry about the heartburn. :( I love your holiday spirit!

  4. Love your Christmas spirit, sorry about the heartburn.

  5. i can't believe it's december already! crazy! sorry that you're having a lot of heartburn, that sounds like no fun. :( but to hae olivia dance to christmas music inside your tummy has to be all worth it. i can't wait to see pics of the christmas tree. i'm excited to put ours up too! :)

    <3 ash