Tuesday, December 14, 2010

things i love {nine}

i know. i know. i am such a bad blogger!! it has been almost an entire week since i post on my poor neglected blog. but let me explain... being a teacher, the 2 weeks before holiday break are INSANE! i have had to buy the kids their mini gifts, get ready for our holiday show (ITS TOMORROW!! AHHH), and make sure that they are having fun while i sit there and do nothing... thats right NOTHING! i am so tired that i have completely slipped with my poor students the last week and a half. its a good thing they like me :)

ok so this week i love:
32. working with kids while pregnant... seriously, it has made my pregnancy even better. i love the things that they say to me and the way they stroke my belly, and the way they talk about olivia... my heart melts at least 5 times a day.
33. the way my olivia moves around in my belly like a small alien.
34. how alex is ALWAYS trying to feel her move
35. making things for olivia

by the way, i totally didnt pass that stupid glucose test.. AND i am "slightly" anemic. there has been a huge change in my diet lately.. lets see what the doc says to me when i go in and see her next week.


  1. Ugh the dreaded glucose test. Did you take the 3 hr one? I'm sure being a teacher is crazy this time of year!

  2. ohh noooo meli!!!! tonight we can eat healthy for sure... tell me what you want and i will pick it up!!
    cant wait to see you and olivia (and i guess alex too, lol)

  3. Oohhhhh......yeah i had gestational diabetes with my 2nd daughter and it was HORRIBLE!!! I had to poke my finger 3xs/day and watch everything I ate. On the plus side? I only gained like 4lbs all together! LOL!