Friday, January 14, 2011

birthing classes??

i don't know what to do. a few people (ok just my mom and mother in law) have told me that i should really sign up to do this. i just dont know!! i laugh when i am nervous. i know it is important to know some of these techniques but what if i don't take it seriously. picture me, big fat pregnant girl, in a room full of other big fat pregnant girls peeing herself while laughing at some kind of birthing exercise... i just don't want to be that girl. what do you ladies think?? should i do it? HELLLPPPPP

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  1. I didn't do birthing classes, and my son popped out just fine! :-) I was just like you the thought of sitting there with other big old preggo momma make me pee laughing! Plus I'm one of those that faint when anyone even talks about blood let alone watching a video of someone having a baby. Honestly the diagram in my books where way more than enough for me!!

    Honestly when I was having Holden its not like I could really remember anything but "push"! My nurses where great they tell you what to do! If you take anything I would take a breastfeeding class, and a baby care class (epically if you have never been around a newborn.)

    Hope that helps!

  2. tiffany.. thanks for the advice!! i am definitely looking into a breastfeeding class :)

  3. I did not take any birthing classes with my 2 girls! I agree with Tiffany.....if you want to take anything it should be child care classes and def. breastfeeding classes if you're planning to breastfeed! It was hard with my first daughter and I kept getting discouraged so I would encourage that! Basically, all you need to know about birth is PUSH! LOL! And you can always look things up online too:-)

  4. I didn't take birthing classes and I did fine. I have heard, that when women take classes it all goes out the window while in labor and they do what their bodies tell them.

    Your body will tell you what to do, and I feel like if you know what to expect (ie. reading up, options, and drugs) you won't need any classes. Do what you feel is right and you will be fine.

    Good luck! She'll be here in no time! Can't wait to see pictures!

  5. Do a breastfeeding class for sure. I took an awesome birthing class and went in so prepared and used none of it. A hospital birth is pretty controlled and not by you. I ended up with a c-section but the class did help me understand why. I think it can't hurt and trust me you wouldn't be the only one have weird reactions. I think I cried in mine. haha

  6. I would go if it's available to you. I took one with Luci and I thought it was pretty informative and good info for when you go into labor. Alkso, it kinda gives you a general idea what to expect once you get to the hospital.

    Just my two cents.

  7. I took a class and it did not help me one bit. However I have heard from others they greatly benefited from it. I don't know, once the day came, i was so in the zone, all those "breathing patterns" went out the window, you just do your thing! :)