Friday, January 28, 2011

goodbye teaching... for now.

well i haven't really talked much about this on the blog but a couple months back i decided that i would not be returning to work when my maternity leave was up. my job gave me a maximum of 3 months leave (with only job security, no pay) and as much as i did enjoy my time at the school i realized that i would be spending way too much time away from my baby. the job was great experience but had such long hours and the school was so far from home. my daily routine was to wake up at 6am (i am not a morning person and i need a WHOLE HOUR just to get ready) leave the house by 7am just to get there by 8!! and to make things worse, i would get out at 4pm and wouldnt be home until 5!!! that is just too much time away from home.

when i broke the news to my boss, they were beyond supportive of my decision. i am so happy with what we decided but i am still going to miss my kids!! yesterday my class surprised me with a baby shower :). all of the kids knew about it and didnt even spill (they are 4... that is a BIG DEAL!). it was so nice and i really owed it all to my teacher's aide who put it all together. and today, the staff threw me another surprise shower!!

today was my last day of work and as sad as it was to say goodbye, i am really looking forward to a lot of rest and relaxation!! i can sleep in now... and do whatever i want with my days (well not whatever i want... i do need to get ready for the arrival of a BABY!)

check out how cute my kids are...



  1. That's so cute! You're gonna LOVE being home with your baby. I always planned to go back to work...that was three years and three kids ago. This is definitely the hardest job, but the most rewarding & fun!

  2. kari.. oh i am so excited to stay home with olivia :) i know it will be hard but sooooo worth it!

  3. Yay! Enjoy this quiet time before Olivia comes. I remember being anxious for it to be over and would now kill for some down time. :) You will love being a stay-at-home mommy, you won't want to miss a single minute. :) xoxo

  4. ahhh, they are super cute! i remember leaving my class during the last months of my pregnancy. i cried because it was so hard. you're going to love having so much time with your baby though, you'll quickly forget. teaching will always be there but the baby days fly by way too fast. soak up every single second!

  5. Yay! That is great! I love staying home with Rylin and not missing anything! Enjoying your "me" time before she comes because once she does long showers, sleep, are a thing of the past!!!

  6. awww!!! you're kids are so adorable! I'm sure it's hard to leave them! I'm glad they all kept the baby shower a secret. :) I taught a two and a half year old class - I don't think they would have been able to keep it on the download.

    <3 Ash