Monday, January 10, 2011

is it just me?

i sometimes wonder if i spend more time complaining then actually being happy about this pregnancy. i really hope that isn't the case but i just feel that this pregnancy has taken the best of me. i spent the first three months so nauseous that nothing tasted good, i ate so much pizza (it was really the only thing that didn't make me feel sick) that i am not really liking it anymore, and i could have slept the whole day. let's not forget the heartburn; it started from the beginning. then the second trimester i felt great for maybe a few weeks but the heartburn was pushing strong. i haven't slept well since maybe 24 weeks and i am really starting to miss it. my heartburn has gotten 3,445,767,876 times worse (i cannot believe i was actually complaining about it before) and i am so uncomfortable!! i can't sleep, sitting hurts, driving gives me back pain, walking is now giving me a sharp pain down below, and if i make too quick of a movement i get a terrible cramp. i wish i could pick up a child when they cry (i work at a preschool) but everyone yells at me when i attempt that, i want to be able to hug my students without it hurting (they just squeeze so tight!), and i want to be able to cuddle in bed with lovey without feeling like i cannot breathe (when he wraps his arm around me while we are lying down it pushes down and i start to panick).

i know that it is all worth it in the end because NO ONE would get pregnant for a second time if it wasn't but i am just so tired of being pregnant. i want to meet my little girl already. i want to hold her and kiss her. and most importantly, i want to feel like myself again.

is this normal or is this a sign that i am going to be a terrible/selfish mother? did any of you moms or do any of you preggos out there feel this way? i hope i am not alone.

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  1. I am returning the follow! I couldn't agree with this post more. I love the fact that I'm having a baby, but I hate being pregnant. I'm right behind you at 29 weeks and I am so ready for her to be here and me to not have alien baby inside me!

  2. Hang in there ladies! This is the point where you really really start to get fed up. I really didn't mind being pregnant, but from about 32 weeks on I started to really lose it. I could hardly move. I peed constantly. Nothing tasted good, even water gave me heartburn. But it will be over soon and TRUST ME you'll do it again. Once you see your little baby everything else disappears from your mind. You get to concentrate on the fun things! Puking, sleepless nights, bleeding crotch ... sorry had to do it :) But seriously, it does get better and it ends with a beautiful little blessing! :)

  3. I know exactly what you mean - I love being pregnant and can't wait to meet my little girl in about 10 weeks but there are aspects of it that are definitely getting me down - the inability to sleep properly, the bad taste that I've had in my mouth since the first trimester and the heartburn being the worst. I keep feeling guilty because I'm sure this is supposed to be a magical time, but mostly I don't feel like it is. Oh well, not long to go now! Hang in there x

  4. I felt the SAME way. When I see pregnant people now I think "thank god that isn't me!" haha. I love my babies to death and I did do it a second time but I didn't enjoy it either time. I think I'm a pretty good mother so I don't think it means you will be a bad one. Pregnancy sucks in my opinion. Just remember it will take a long time before you "feel like yourself again". It doesn't come back right away, especially if you breastfeed. But it does come back. Just in time to get pregnant again and have a 2nd! ha! I think I would have a 3rd if I didn't have to do pregnancy again. So don't feel bad, you will be an awesome mommy!!