Saturday, February 19, 2011

39 weeks!

i have lost all form and shape!

How far along? holy shizz... i am 39 weeks!! one week to go... YIKES!
Total weight gain/loss: i am at about 23-25 pounds... the days that i eat food with a lot of salt i am at 25 but the days that i eat good i am at 23.
Sleep:  i am not familiar with this term... what is sleep?
Food cravings: ohhhh.... icre cream sundays!!!!!!!
Best moment this week: finding out that i am only half a centimeter dialted and 50% effaced... i think i am one of those freakish women that want this baby to stay inside for as long as possible (just so her daddy can be there for her arrival)
Movement: oh can she move! she loves to move her entire body to the right side of my body so that i look lopsided... it is actually amusing. oh, and i can so feel the outline of her body!
Labor Signs: NOTHING! i am beginning to think that i don't know what contractions are... but i keep telling myself that they aren't contractions if i don't know. 
Gender: little girl :) 
Stretchies: oh these battle scars better go away... i think i jinxed myself all those times that i bragged about how i didn't have any because i have gotten some last minute ones that i would prefer to live without
Belly Button in or out? its totally out there!
What I miss: i miss being comfortable... but i think im going to miss her being inside of me in a couple of weeks.
What I am looking forward to: her arrival!
Symptoms: i have it all! heartburn.. check. pee like its your job.. check. back pain.. check. pelvic pain.. check. but who cares... its worth it right? 
Milestones: full term baby. 
Weekly wisdom: oh please get lots and lots of sleep... it becomes impossible! 
Emotions: i am scared/excited/nervous/anxious/happy

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  1. You look great! I still miss feeling Rylin move around inside of me! Those kicks and elbow jabs don't feel as neat when there comming from the outside! I can't believe it almost over and little miss Olivia will be here any day!!! : )

  2. You look awesome girl! Hang in there the end is THE hardest, you are so so close! Old wives tale: heartburn=full head of hair?? I had none and I had a bald baby. Ohhh can't wait to see. :)

  3. etosia.. (i going to start using your actual name btw!) i know i am going to miss her being inside so much. i swear i spend 75% of my day staring at my belly.

    laura.. i heard the full head of hair thing too! i would love for her to have a full head of hair... i have a ton of bows/things to put in it :)