Saturday, February 12, 2011

being bored at home can only mean one thing...

i have been crafting ALL day! i woke up this morning and told myself that i wanted to do something. anything. and 10 bows/flowers later... i am satisfied. even though i am fighting every craving in my body to go and make some more. i made a huge mess...

and i havent picked it up yet. it is all still sitting there on our dining room table. well this is what i made...

cute right? i cannot wait to see these on olivia. she will have something different on that little head of hers every day!

how adorable is max's new favorite spot in the house...

he loves to hang out under her crib. we are hoping that he will keep doing it while she sleeps in there. he can be very protective :)

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we love you :)


  1. when are you gonna send me some hair bows? Do you sell them?

  2. oh my gosh, seriously you made those? SO CUTE! our cat hides under henry's crib too, but usually only after i've finally gotten him to sleep. then i have to figure out how to remove the cat from the crib without waking the baby. so annoying!

  3. The bows are adorable! Do you have little headbands on them? The picture with Max under the bed totally made me laugh!

    ~Carla @ Jansen Family Adventures

  4. how super cute! I'm so jealous of your crafty talents!

    <3 Ash

  5. Super cute Melissa! I wish Mia had some hair so I could put bows in. xo

  6. Those are so cute I wish Rylin had enough hair in the front to but a flower in! If the back gets any longer we'll be rocking pony tails before bows and ribbons!

  7. SO CUTE! My dog does that alll the time too. At first he was a little scared of my daughter but then he realized how he needed to protect her and your dog is already ahead of the game!