Wednesday, February 23, 2011

eviction date... check

i had a doctors appointment today. everything seems to still be going great! i was not checked to see how dilated/effaced i am (she didnt want to jump start my labor since alex doesn't get back till 9pm today.. yay!) i have to go back on friday to get all of that checked out and so that she can STRETCH MY CERVIX?!?!?! i dont know what that entails but i am not looking forward to it... i hope my brain is just over exaggerating its thoughts. and guess what... if olivia doesn't come over the weekend then her time is out...

she is being evicted! so whether shes ready or not she will be my little outside baby on monday! :) my ob is leaving out of town on tuesday so she doesn't want to risk waiting till she gets back and i am totally ok with that. i cannot wait to meet my little olive ball!

ps. did i mention lovey comes back today? i cannot wait to see him!! :)

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by the way... did i mention that i really do love all of you? i know i don't always respond to all the comments but i read every single one and i appreciate all of you. every comment brightens my day and really makes me feel great. sometimes i feel that i am writing here and that no one is reading but then i see the comments and smile. thank you!


  1. Aw congrats on the baby and seeing your man again! And thanks for the appreciation, it's nice to know that our comments make a difference. I know that comments definitely cheer up my day!!

  2. i assume by "stretch your cervix" you mean strip your membranes? I had that done!.. 1st time, nothing. 2nd time... baaaaby! you can read all about it on my blog!

    good luck, though! come ooooon baby lady!

  3. Yay!!! I am sooo excited for you and I'm so happy she stayed put while her daddy was away!!! The countdown begins!!!

  4. yayyy! that is like soon girlfriend! how are you feeling?! so excited! & yay for the man being back!

  5. ps how was i not following you? this is OB-SURD! & who designed you blog? im in love & need help!

  6. YAY for an eviction date AND for her waiting til hubby got back!! I can not WAIT to see pics!! BTW-did you perhaps get the msg I sent you a while ago about help with my blog? You can email me at I'm having trouble with my pics being too big for my posts lol. If you go to my blog, you'll see it haha.

  7. yay the end is in sight!! I bet that is an exciting/nervous feeling! Good luck to you!

    The Smith Circle

  8. You're so cute! I can't wait for u to have this baby already!!!

  9. I got on blogger because I thought of you today. I wanted to make sure that Olivia didn't come yet so that the Mr. would be home with you. So yay! But I can't wait to see the baby girl - she'll be gorgeous just like her momma!

    <3 Ash

  10. im hoping for monday 2/28 for several reasons!!

    - i have a busy weekend and dont want to miss one minute. (yes i know im being selfish)
    -its isabellas bday and if olivia can be just like her i would be in heaven and so will you!!
    -maybe i can get some time off work to go spend with you, wknds hospital visits are no fun, lol!
    -so you can enjoy one last wknd with your husband as 2 individuals and not as parents. go out to the beach, soak up the sun, treat yourselves to a really fancy dinner, sleep as much as possible and enjoy the silence!!

  11. So exciting!! Can't wait until Monday!