Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy day of love.

since lovey spends all of his days now prepping for the STUPID BAR EXAM we have no plans for lovers day. we have never been the couple that goes all out with dinner reservations and gifts but we always liked spending quality time together. this year he will spend the day with his head buried in his books and i will be in our bedroom watching FRIENDS. 

we will, however, start the day off with some delicious waffles and berries and end the day with some steaks, salad, and homemade mashed potatoes. 

i wish you all a day FILLED with love tomorrow. i know that even though i will not spend the day with my lovey, it will still be a day filled with love.


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  1. It will certainly be a day filled with love :) I'm so sad that you won't be able to pull him away from his books, but just think of what he's doing to help you for your future! Hang in there my love--and happy Valentine's Day! xoxo {av}

  2. aww babe, I wish we lived close! Trav is actually working on V-day. Boo. But hope the Mr. does great on his test! Sending you my love on Valentines Day!

    <3 Ash

  3. You love him everyday and that love is growing inside your belly...who cares about one little day?

  4. i called you this morning to wish you a happy vday and i wanted to drop off a special sweet treat for you... will try you after work ;)

  5. aw, I hope you had a great Valentine's day and so glad you got to spend meals together :D

  6. we had steaks & mashed potatoes! & i made vanilla & cinnamon french toast. not on valentines day, but the day we celebrated it :)