Thursday, February 17, 2011

i have a confession...

i feel that lately i have been eating things like this...

 my mouth was seriously watering while i was looking for these here

just because i am bored... i am eating because i am BORED!! when did i become this person? and when will it stop?! it better stop once this baby is here because she is my excuse for now but once she is out i can't "use" her anymore. just now i am sitting here watching FRIENDS and all i can think about is going to the kitchen and serving myself an ice cream sunday or a nice big piece of chocolate fudge cake. i would make cookies (yes i have cookie dough sitting in my fridge) but i would have to wait for them to be done!

please don't judge me... i literally have a little fat girl inside of me that is making me do it... and it just so happens to make the both of us VERY happy!

yea "we" did chocolate syrup... yea "we" did sprinkles! "we" LOVE sprinkles... sprinkles are the shizzz!


  1. haha yes! I blamed eeeeverything on the baby! Still do ;) enjoy it while you can!

  2. I totally do the same thing! I had 3 cinnamon rolls this morning, jelly beans, and 2 bowls of ice cream. How disgusting is that? At least you don't have too much longer to go... and then hopefully the cravings will disappear. :)

  3. hahaha the little fat girl inside made you do it! Trust me, you won't be bored soon. But it will be hard to break the sugar habit. xo

  4. sprinkles are my favorite part of a sundae! particularly rainbow sprinkles :)

  5. Be careful...You're almost done!

  6. Spoil yourself with that kiddy treat! Happy Friday :)

  7. I did the exact same thing when I was pregnant! Plus, the ice cream helped a lot with my heart burn.
    Also, I am doing this now because I'm on my stupid period! Yuck!
    The sundae looks delish!! I have a hankering for one right now!

    Hope you have a fabulous Friday!

    you know i still have one oreo choco chip cookie left at my house w your name on it!!!!

  9. I love this! I'll be doing so good, and then eat really bad for a day or two and my husband says it's the baby's fault. Enjoy yourself while you can!