Thursday, February 10, 2011

things i love {sixteen}

1. sleeping in until noon everyday.
2. mcdonalds.... YUMMMMMM
3. for some reason, i have heard this song A LOT lately and olivia always "dances" when we hear it... she is moving right now as i listen to it :)

i hope this means i have a little ballerina in me.
4. lying in bed watching movies... i have added 2 movies to my list (eclipse & easy a)
5. my life still revolves around ice cream sundays & chocolate milk
6. the way max goes into olivia's room and lies down under her crib.


  1. My son Nathaniel loved that song, too when it first came out because his Dad always sang it to him. Now whenever he hears it, he still dances to it.

  2. this is so cute! I'm jealous you can wake up that late!! I can only eat McDonalds for breakfast, but it's the best!

  3. the last thing i ate before going into labor was a mcdonald's cheeseburger with fries. they told me not to but i couldn't help it and OMG it tasted amazing! max is one cute dog, he's going to love his new baby!

  4. I am crazy jealous of your sleeping in. Enjoy every minute of it! xo