Thursday, February 17, 2011

whats in the bag...

i recently discovered a blog that i have completely fallen in love with. if you get a chance you should definitely check out our journey. well today tara is doing a link up that i thought would be so much fun! she wants to know what we are carrying in our purses/diaper bags. if you get a chance you should check it out and link up as well.

i think my purse may be a little boring right now but here it is...

1. what to expect when you're expecting... i really would be lying if i told you that i have been reading it but i went to the doc yesterday and took to keep myself entertained while i waited... i read us weekly instead.
2. my house keys
3. a whole slew of lip glosses and chapstick... i usually just put on the first one i pull out
4. my wallet
5. sunglasses
6. hand cream... so important! i have become obsessed with having soft hands.
7. a valentine's day card that i bought for lovey... never wrote in it... never gave it to him :(. i forgot. i swear.. i have noodle brains!
8. a loose check book... i should really put this in my wallet.
9. my trusty iphone
10. the last ultrasound pictures
11. adorable dog (that wasnt in my purse) that wanted to watch what i was doing

and just because he is so cute that i cannot take it...

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  1. I LOVE IT!
    thanks for linking up!
    what to expect is honestly the best, you will have to get babys first year for after! it is great!
    & i lovee the purse i have it with the dark brown squares :)

  2. Good thing your doggie is getting attention now, because in a couple weeks when baby O comes, he will definitely be upset. :) You're SO close!

  3. Funny...I just cleaned out my purse today and found 4 pacifiers, a pair of soft shoes, a pair of baby pants, a small rubber duckie, a million rubberbands, a few lip glosses, some baby puffs, and a whole slew of receipts...I've never used a diaper bag so I just stuff everything in my regular purse till it's impossible to find my wallet/keys (the only things I need)!

  4. I'm with Kari, mine would be so scary, like a pharmacy and baby store all in one. :) Your dog is so so cute! xoxo

  5. I had that book with me when I was pregnant too! Congrats on your baby and your dog is too cute!