Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the birth story.

well, it all started on tuesday february 22nd. i felt my first contraction mid-day. they were pretty spread apart (about 30 minutes or so) and were no where near consistant. since lovey was still not in town and was due to arrive late wednesday night everyone kept asking me how i was feeling. i just told everyone (and myself) that i felt pressure but that i "thought" it was just her engaging. i knew i was having contractions but i was so freaked that she would come before lovey got here that i lied... even to my doctor! i went to see her wednesday morning and she didn't even check me out down there in fear that she would accelerate the activity down south.

lovey made it home and still no olivia so we were super happy!! i woke up thursday (feb 24th) to some contractions but again they were not close enough to get excited (15 minutes, but pretty consistant). lovey and i spent the day relaxing, he got to sleep a few hours in the middle of the day, we took a nice long walk around the park across the street from our house, and he went to dinner with one of his best friends while i got a manicure and pedicure with my sister. while at the salon i noticed that my contractions were getting closer (about 7 to 10 minutes apart). i told my sister what i was feeling and how i thought that olivia would be making her appearance the next day (feb 25th). i finally got home to my lovey, we had some mexican for dinner, and we went to bed watching FRIENDS. he of course fell asleep immediately... i could. not. sleep.

the contractions were coming in closer and closer together. i was so uncomfortable. i probably went to the bathroom 1,298,788,354 times. while lovey slept with his mouth wide open, max watched me as i paced the room, leaned forward against the bed, rocked on the rocking chair, cried a little from my nerves, and tried lying down. around midnight i decided i would shower. if i was going to go into labor i would be clean, shaved legs, and pretty hair. the shower felt great but when i got out i felt another sharp contraction. i attempted to blow dry my hair but that was a huge fail... i could barely stand up straight for a few minutes without having to keel over and "breathe" through the contraction. side note.. i was counting my contractions with an iphone app... oh how i love technology! at this point my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart.

it was 2:00am when i decided to wake up lovey from his beauty sleep. i started by just saying his name but my man can sleep through a screaming baby (learned this now) and i eventually had to shake him. i told him "um lovey... i think you need to wake up NOW!". he immediately jumped out of bed went to the bathroom and then asked me "do you think i have time to clip my nails... i dont want to scratch the baby." yea why not... at this point whats another few minutes. when he was done, we scrambled to get everything together, put it all in the car, and headed to the hospital.

lovey says his hands were shaking as he drove us to the hospital but we made it. we checked in and the nurse proceeded to check out the situation. i was 3 centimeters dialated (i thought i would be more) and i was taken to my very own delivery room!! i was officially admitted at 3:00am.

this picture mades me sad/happy/uncomfortable all at the same time

the rest of the night went so fast! as soon as i was in our delivery room i told lovey to call the family and they were there within the hour. around 5:00am my contractions were not easing so i requested the epidural. the drug dr came, gave me the magic juice and went on his merry way. my doctor also ordered some petocin for me to see if she could speed things up because i was still 3 centimeters dilated.

i felt GREAT! i was feeling a little pressure but that was about it. then, my water broke. i was 5-6 centimeters dilated and my water broke when one the nurses came to do an exam. from that moment on, i felt EVERYTHING. the dr came back to "top me off" but nothing. i was on my side trying to make it through every contraction but they were coming really close and strong. at this point it is about 7:00 am. i am so uncomfortable and i keep asking the nurses why the epidural isnt working. they see my discomfort so after about an hour they call the drug dr to come back. only problem was that there were 2 c-sections going on at the same time and he was unavailable. the nurses check my again and i am 8 CENTIMETERS DILATED! the nurses are shocked. they couldnt believe how quickly everything was going so they called my doctor to hurry up and make her way to see me... she still didnt know that my water had broken. around 8:45 the drug dr makes his way back to my room to "top me off". this time, the only thing that got the dose was my left leg?? it was tingling and i was very quickly feeling numb there... but only there. the contractions were very strong and really close together.

my doctor finally made it to the room, checked me, and realized that i was 10 centimeters dilated. she went to robe up and i told the nurse i wanted to push. i had this sensation and i needed to start pushing and get the baby out of me. everything happened really fast at this point. i remember hearing my doctor talk to lovey about his bar exam... i remember the lovey encouraging me the whole time... when the baby started crowning lovey asked if he could look and at that point i did not care (i was so set on him not seeing my area deformed by a baby). i asked if it was disgusting and he just replied by smiling and telling me no.

30 minutes after i started pushing she was in my arms. i didn't cry, but i could not stop staring at her and smiling. she was perfect.. still is. our life as just the 2 of us had now become a family of 3 (well a family of 4... we love max!).

holy swollen face batman!

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  1. awwww honey CONGRATULATIONS!.. reading all that then seeing the picture made me cry hahah. ugh yeah, i had epidural problems, too. they had to come in over and over to "top it off"

    i'm so glad things went so well, smoothly, and she's here! now the fun starts!!! Enjoy every single moment, mama!

  2. oh, ps- shut your face, you look beautiful! you just pushed a kid out of your lady bits, for f-sake!

  3. Congrats! It's been amazing reading your journey through pregnancy, birth, and now your journey through motherhood!

  4. Her little face in that pic makes me want another baby! Ahhh. You guys look so happy. I'm so glad you had a good (pretty good? not terrible?) birth experience. xo

  5. I want to say Congrats once again. Your birth story is so beautiful. And Olivia is such a beautiful baby. You look happy together as a new family of 3. God bless=)

  6. congratulations! such a beautiful story and beautiful family! enjoy it!

  7. awww! you guys make a very beautiful little family!!! Sounds like a wonderful birth story too! :-)

  8. Congrats and OUCH! I can't imagine what my labor what have been like if my epidural hadn't worked!!! Props to you!!! I tried to blow dry my hair after my water broke but I was so freaked out I only got to my bangs! :) Little Miss Olivia is BEAUTIFUL!

  9. awww honey! this reminds me of the "Baby Story" on TLC (yes, I watch it all the time) because I've been following your story and now she is finally here. Makes me kinda nervous about having a little one (but that won't be for a LONG, LONG, LONG time). You did beautifully, and Miss Olivia is gorgeous. I'm so proud of you and glad that you guys are home all together as a family.

    <3 Ash

  10. What a great birth story. Olivia is beautiful, you guys are so so blessed. Congrats again, enjoy every single second, even the ones in the middle of the night when you can't even see straight! :)