Wednesday, March 23, 2011

curiosity killed the.. dog?

ever since we brought livi home, max has been very interested in the new "puppy" we have. he wants to smell her, lick her, and steal her hats and socks. he always just looks but sometimes he comes in for a better look.

since i keep getting emails/comments wondering...
what shes wearing:
onesie.. carters
tights/tutu.. baby gap
bow.. gifted

i think his next move is to hop in with her... gotta keep me eye on this dog!

vote for us please? we have really dropped :(

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  1. our dog did that as well. so silly.

  2. amara our dog is always lurking by kennedy im doin a post on it, its kinda funny

    a) she gets more beautiful every pic you post
    b) her basket is soooo cute
    c) where did u get her outfit?