Tuesday, March 1, 2011


we have been home now for 2 nights. we weren't sure if i was going to make it home on sunday because i am very anemic and lost quite an amount of blood during labor (more about that later) but my doctor ok'd me and i am so happy that i am home. but it is not easy.

we have been having such a hard time breastfeeding! as it turns out, i have flat nipples?! i didn't even know there was such a thing... mind you, i have always thought the boobies were huge but i guess that doesn't matter. milk supply is not a problem AT ALL but olive wants nothing to do with my boobs. while at the hospital, the nurses would have me pump a little at first to stimulate my nipples. i would then try and get her to latch but when she wouldn't, they would have me give her some from the bottle to get her to taste my milk. it would work for a little while and then BAM.. she would start to wail and push away from me.

i feel completely incapable. i wish i could do this. i am trying to stay as positive as i can but it is so hard when your baby wont stop crying and the only thing that will make her stop is a bottle. i have a doc appointment now and then i am going to buy a nipple shield to see if that helps. we also have a lactation consultant coming over tonight. i really hope that this all works out.

any of you have/had a similar problem?? i would love some advice.

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ps. i promise regular blogging will be back once we have a routine.


  1. Mine were considered flat as well when I first had my son. But he didn't push me away like yours does. I don't know much about your problem, but hopefully you'll figure it out soon. God bless.

  2. I used nipple shields for my oldest daughter. She only breast fed for about a month then refused it. Don't feel bad!! Babies are finicky (sp?) For my 2nd daughter, I never had to use a shield which was great! BUT MAN! My nipples hurt SO badly! It'll be ok! Even if she won't take them, you can try to pump and use formula. Either way, it'll be alright:-) (isn't it weird that we can talk about our nipples to complete strangers haha!)

  3. Yes, I second the nipple shield I used one for about 10 weeks with my son then one day he just didnt want to use it anymore and I took it off and he nursed just fine! Don't stress, you will get there!

  4. Also, the lactation consultant was my miracle worker! My son was tongue tied and she helped us figure it out, suggested the nipple shield, was able to ensure me he WAS gaining weight, etc. I was so so stressed though that Rowan wanted nothing to do with eating because he was feeding off my high stress level and just screaming. Once the lactation consultant helped me I was much more at ease and so was Rowan. So you are doing everything you can to get her to where you both need to be. Hang in there girl!

  5. Oh Melissa, I'm so sorry. Breastfeeding is SO hard and can make you feel so terrible. Have you had any luck?