Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my life now.

life is pretty great... but i am so exhausted. i won't lie to you... this whole having a newborn baby thing is not easy! it all came to me pretty naturally and it is probably because i have been around so many babies but that still does not compare to having a little one of your own 24 hours a day 7 days a week. olivia wants to eat every 2 HOURS! that is probably the reason why my little olive ball gained 11 ounces in a week... WHAT?!?!? she loves the boob. once she is done eating it takes me about half an hour to get her to fall asleep and then she is awake again at least an hour later to eat again. an hour is not enough time to get anything done... especially when your little girl prefers to sleep on you then in her bassinet... this is her right now!!...

i am not complaining in the least. i know how lucky i am to have a beautiful healthy baby. and she really is great! i am just tired. she is breastfeeding like a champ... WOOOO HOOOO but i still need to use the nipple shield in the middle of the night... girl gets lazy at 3 am.

i am sorry for our absence but it is hard to blog when you have a 2 week old glued to your chest. we promise to back soon :)

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  1. Aw, you seem like you're doing such a great job!! I remember these days it was so difficult not having any sleep but yet it's so amazing! :)

  2. That picture is so sweet! I know I will be exhausted, too, but I just can't wait for these 16 weeks to pass by so I can hold my baby girl! You're lucky indeed :)

  3. Oh my goodness i can't believe it's been two weeks already!!! Rylin was the same with the eating every two hours and she also liked to cluster feed which was really hard!!! You totally get a pass for lack of blogging! I've been voting for u in ur absence and will continue to!!!! P.s- She is so precious!

  4. oh, sweet precious! my son was the same way.. he's only sleep in my nook for... 2/3 months?.. he even ended up sleeping in our bed for about a month because it was just so much easier since he was eating all the time! the upside is that he was sleeping a lot... again; downside is that it's always on top of us! but it goes by fast... i treasure the times i can get him to sleep in my arms now that he's 10 months old!

  5. I love you and how honest you are. "She loves the boob" made me laugh out loud. Glad shes doing good with the breast feeding. I'm so proud of you! You're such a good mom! xoxo.

    <3 ash

  6. Yay I'm so glad you made it through breastfeeding and it's working! It becomes so easy after a while. Enjoy every minute of her sleeping on your chest, you won't believe how quickly that stops and you will miss it always.