Friday, March 25, 2011

one month!

silly face

i cannot believe that my baby girl is a month old already! i lied in bed this morning just staring at her in disbelief... and then she farted. not a cute baby fart... it was one of those trucker farts that smells so bad that you have no choice but to crack up and turn away. that seems to be all she does. she eats, farts a lot, poops/pees, and then sleeps. and i love my little farter :)

i don't have any stats for you on her size because she doesnt go visit her doc for another 2 weeks so you will just have to wait.

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  1. i can NOT believe she's already a month!

  2. Has it already been a month since I read your post about welcoming Olivia to the world? She is so adorable. Happy 1 month old, Olivia! :)

  3. happy one month Olivia!!! Time goes by way too fast!

  4. wow! time goes by sooooooooooo fast! i love her little outfit. happy one month olivia!

    <3 ash