Thursday, March 3, 2011

things i love {nineteen}

1. the way lovey looks at our baby
2. the way she falls asleep on my chest after feeding
3. the faces she makes when she is hungry
4. our families are cooking for us
5. i can cuddle with lovey again!!! i had a huge belly in my way for so long so its nice to curl up next to him

i am hoping that with this post i can start up regular blogging again... ive missed you! and thank you all so much for all the super nice comments.

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  1. enjoy ur beaut' pea & snuggles ;)

  2. shes soooooooo adorable :) i know you are enjoying every second with her

    <3 ash

  3. so presh! cuddling is important:) have a nice time! xo

  4. Such a precious expression! Great picture!


  5. i love this list. my mom came out the first week hen was here and cooked for us and i swear, food never tasted so good! hope you are all doing well and getting *some* sleep these days!