Monday, April 25, 2011

2 months!

today my livibug is 2 months old. i don't know where time is going but i want it to stop! she needs to stop growing. ok.. i dont mean that. but i am trying to enjoy every second i have with her this small and this needy of me.

livi loves when her mommy sings her songs. she loves to suck on her fist. yes... you read correctly. she. sucks. on. her. entire. fist. not a thumb or a finger but she shoves the whole thing in her mouth and sucks away. she love her paci. she still LOVES the boob :). 

she loves it when mommy kisses her toes. she thinks its funny when she poops on her mommy. she loves to fart all day long. and nothing makes her happier than when she gives us a good and long burp.
we cannot believe how quickly she is growing. this little chunker was a whopping 12.4 pounds the last time we went to the doc.. that was a week and a half ago. and she was in the 95th%!

entering this picture in the paper mama photo challenge


  1. She is just so adorable! I wish my daughter would stop growing everyday. No matter how much I strive to treasure the moments, it never seems good enough.

  2. Happy TWO Months Olivia!!! Time does go by too quick! Rylin wont even let me cradle her like a baby anymore :(

  3. Gosh, she's a little doll. LOVE her outfit & shades :)

  4. Aw what a sweetie!! She looks so happy! =)

  5. happy two months olivia! where did you find such awesome glasses for her? SO CUTE.