Saturday, April 9, 2011

365 days of olivia-day 1-10

this is a little project i am doing for my little livi... a picture a day. i am really behind in posting these considering i am starting now and she is already 44 days old!!

first day of life and my mommy already shoved a flower on my head

mmm... sleeping on mommy

 again... sleeping on mommy. last day in the hospital!

 they put these funky mittens on me because i keep trying to rip my face off

 ohh... morning stretches

 sometimes, when i sleep... i suck on my bottom lip

first walk around the park with my mommy, daddy, and max
one week old. first doctors appointment today.

look ma... i can smoosh my face!

took my newborn pictures today... aren't i the prettiest little model?

ps. dont forget to email me if you interested in being a guest blogger :)


  1. Oh my gosh! Melissa she is SO gorgeous!!! My Peyton and Annabelle both tried to rip their faces off haha!!!

  2. Looking at all these pics of your little girl is making me even more anxious for mine to get here! She's so adorable!