Saturday, April 16, 2011

away from baby.

today was the first time that i was away from olivia for more than a couple of hours. back in december i bought my sister and sister in law tickets to see wicked on Broadway. at the time it made perfect sense... livi would be roughly a month and a half and it would be totally ok to go. little did i know that not only would i have separation anxiety but so would poor little olivia. the timing couldn't have been worse either.. she has been feeling terrible from that eye infection and her shots. i felt so guilty when i walked out of our front door and could still hear her wailing in her daddy's arms. after an hour or so of crying she finally fell asleep.. and about 2 and half hours after i left the house i received these pictures on my phone... aren't they just perfect?

would it be selfish to stop pumping so that i never have to leave her again? ok im joking... kinda.

oh and by the way.. in case you were wondering... poor robert didnt even make it 24 hours before needing extensive surgery. max decided that he wanted to perform some liposuction on little robert. needless to say i had to do some plastic surgery on his botched lipo. max didn't exactly make a clean cut. ha!

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oh by the way... i entered in a photo challenge and we were a favorite!
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  1. Awww what a sweet pic. Isn't it hard to leave your baby? And even worse when they are crying for you! :( It is good to get away every now and then tho. xo